The Best Places to Walk Your Dog in Crystal, MN

Best places to walk your dog in Crystal MN

Our barketing director at Memory Lane Pond in Crystal, MN.

Nothing is quite as exciting to a pup as when you grab his leash and head for the door.  We at Pup Culture have the privilege of walking many miles around the suburbs, and we’ve found some great places to walk in Crystal. Make your dog’s day and try out a new walking route.

Here are the best places to walk your dog in Crystal, MN:

Hagemeister Pond Preserve Park:

6427 41st Avenue North, Crystal, MN

Hagemeister Pond is tucked away in a quiet neighborhood block in Crystal.  The park offers a couple walking paths and a bridge to cross the pond.  It is fairly secluded, so it’s a nice escape from busy roads and traffic. Dogs especially enjoy the abundance of branches, trees to sniff, squirrels to spot, and birds that hang out by the pond.

Basset Creek Park:

6001 32nd Avenue North, Crystal, MN

For Crystal residents, this is an obvious destination for dog owners.  Bassett Creek Park has a popular fenced-in dog park.  Dogs will also appreciate hiking the wooded trails around the park.  Additionally, Bassett Creek boasts a disc golf course, a hockey rink, playground, picnic shelters, baseball fields, and a parking lot right by the dog park.

Lions Valley Place Park:

6822 32nd Avenue North, Crystal, MN

Although Lions Valley Place Park is not large, there is a paved path that lines the perimeter of the park.  I like to walk dogs on the path because they can observe what’s happening in the park while maintaining a distance and enjoying some good sniffs along the way.

MAC Wildlife Area:

60th Ave. and Regent Avenue North, Crystal, MN

MAC Wildlife Area provides a nice reprieve from the suburban sprawl.  You and your pup can enjoy hiking the paths through the woods.  There is a parking lot near the entrance to the paths, but there are no other amenities besides walking trails in this park.

Memory Lane Pond:

43rd Avenue North and Idaho Avenue North, Crystal, MN

Although you can’t walk far at this park, I included Memory Lane Pond in this list because my own dog loves to walk by here and watch the ducks and geese hanging out on the pond.  We usually stop and sit on the bench for a few moments.

Welcome Park:

4630 Welcome Avenue North, Crystal, MN

Much like Lions Valley Place Park, I like to walk the perimeter of Welcome Park with my dog.  She enjoys watching the kids play at the basketball courts, baseball fields, and playground.  There are sidewalks around 3/4 of the park for easy walking.

If you don’t have the time to get out there with your pup, we would be happy to visit some of these parks with your dog!  You can contact us today at 651-236-7312 or check out our dog walking services here.  For those of you who live in Crystal, where are some of your favorite places to walk your dog?



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