Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Halloween is a fun time for humans, but our pets may take a different view on Halloween festivities.  Keep your pets safe and happy during this holiday with our Halloween safety tips for pets.

Halloween Safety Tips for Pets1.  During trick-or-treating time, keep pets in a contained area.  The constant doorbell-ringing and loud children can stress out even the most well-behaved pets.  Keeping pets away from the door in a  contained area can guarantee your pets won’t bolt while you’re passing out candy.

2.  Speaking of candy… Keep pets away from candy.  Chocolate is harmful for both dogs and cats.  The artificial sweetener xylitol is incredibly toxic to animals as well.  Do not leave Halloween candy out where pets can get it.

3.  Don’t leave pets outside on Halloween.  With so many people out and about, you don’t want to subject your pets to greater stress.  Pets may be more likely to escape or face teasing from trick or treaters.

4.  Bring in outdoor cats.  Pup Culture does not condone letting cats out anyway, but please bring cats in around Halloween.

5.  Keep jack-o-lanterns away from pets.  We don’t want any pets on fire on Halloween.

6.  Only dress up pets if they don’t mind it.  I must admit, I am guilty of dressing up my pets.  They’re not huge fans of costumes, so I only dress them for a quick photo op and then take off the costumes.  Pet costumes should not restrict movement, hearing, or breathing.  If your pet seems stressed while wearing a costume, take it off immediately.

7.  Update microchips and ID tags.  If your pet does get loose, make sure their microchips and ID tags are updated with your most current contact information.



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