Hiring Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Employees

Pup Culture is going through some exciting changes at the moment.  We’re steadily growing, and to continue to provide excellent pet sitting and dog walking services for clients, we’ve hired some new employees.

Unlike many pet sitting companies, Pup Culture hires employees rather than using independent contractors.  By hiring employees, we have more control over who we hire and how they perform their duties.  We can train employees and require them to operate according to Pup Culture’s standards.

I was asked recently by a potential client what my process is for hiring employees, so I thought I would share how I hire employees.  I’m so impressed by my employees that I think it’s important for you to know why I choose them.

First, all pet sitting candidates must apply with a cover letter and resume.  An animal-related background is not necessary, but some experience with animals is a must.

I adopted both of my fur babies Ellie (my cat) and June (my dog) from shelters, so they are what you might call “high maintenance” pets.  June is initially very timid in new situations, she barks quite a bit, and has a lot of energy.  Ellie can be very sweet, but if you give her one too many pets, she’ll turn on you.  Because of these quirks, I would not hire just anyone to take care of my pets when I’m gone.  When I’m interviewing potential pet sitting employees, I always think to myself, “Would I give this person keys to my house and let them take care of June and Ellie?”  I think this is the most critical test that a pet sitting candidate must pass.

We also check all of our pet sitting candidates’ references.  We make sure they are reliable and honest.  I want all of my employees to have integrity, and checking references helps me determine this.

All of our employees are also background checked.  We are bonded and insured, but we want to know that we’re sending trustworthy people into your homes.

Once employees pass background checks, they go through training.  I train all of my employees.  We cover company policies and procedures.  Employees also shadow me on dog walks before taking over pet sitting and dog walking visits for themselves.

Finally, all of my employees are monitored through a program called Leash Time.  Employees must check-in to visits on Leash Time through their smart phones.  Leash Time tracks their GPS location and times they arrive and leave clients’ houses.  I can then log in to Leash Time and track employees’ visits.

I am so grateful to have found some amazing employees.  I am continually impressed by the love they show for our animal clients.  They are reliable, trustworthy, and conscientious animal lovers–exactly the people I would want taking care of my June and Ellie.



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