How It Works

Getting Started:


Contact us to set up a registration meeting.  We will send you a link to fill out a client profile in our system before we meet for a registration meeting.


At the registration meeting, we will have a chance to meet you and your pets and take down any more information that we need. We will also get you set up on our convenient app.


After the registration meeting, we will get the rest of your information set up, and schedule your services if needed.

Scheduling Appointments:


Once we’ve completed the registration meeting, then we are ready to begin services. For scheduling, you have three options:

  • Cat Sitting: You can schedule the reservations that you will need in our system.  It is always recommended for pet sitting that you schedule as far in advance as possible, but we will do our best to accommodate last-minute requests as well.  
  • Ongoing Schedule:  If you have set days that you need dog walking, we will set you up on a recurring schedule and we will come on those days every week unless you let us know that you need to change or cancel a walk.  We guarantee that we will have availability for clients who need walks on an ongoing schedule. 
  • On-Demand: If your schedule changes each week, you can request dog walks each week through our easy-to-use app.  This would be best for the dog parent whose work schedule changes weekly or monthly, or for the dog parent who has last-minute things pop up and needs a break for their dog.  We do our best to accommodate last-minute requests, but it is always recommended that you get requests in as soon as you can to guarantee that we have availability. 
Once your request has been approved, you will be able to see your appointment on your calendar and which staff member will be coming along with their bio.

At the Appointment

We follow instructions from your client profile. We will reinforce any training that you would like us to work on and note your dog’s behavior. If you need to let your walker about a change, you can message them through our app.
At the end of the visit, you’ll receive an update from us letting you know how the visit went along with photos of your pet.


We accept credit cards, PayPal or ACH transfers in our app. For cat sitting reservations, we require payment before the reservation. For dog walking clients, we will email an invoice at the end of the week for you to pay online.
If you have any other questions that we didn’t answer here, please contact us!

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