3 Free Ways to Support Small Businesses in the Twin Cities

We love Small Business Saturday because we love supporting small, local businesses in the Twin Cities.  But we understand that sometimes it may seem overwhelming to buy from all of your favorite small businesses.  We recommend three quick and easy ways to support small businesses in the Twin Cities so you can provide support even if you don’t have enough funds.

1.  Leave a Google review for a small business.  3 free ways to support small businesses in the Twin Cities

Google reviews are the best way for small businesses to gain online visibility.  By leaving a Google review, you are telling potential customers that they can trust a business.  To leave a review, Google the name of the small business and click on their Google reviews.  In the top right corner there should be a blue button that says “Write a Review”.  Click on it and leave a detailed review describing what you like about the small business you’re supporting.

2.  Refer your friends and family to a small business.

Referrals are an excellent way for a local small business to gain new customers.  Customers who are referred by someone are much more likely to buy from that small business because they have already heard from their friends and family how great the small business is.  Small businesses also often have tight advertising budgets, so providing a referral is essentially free advertising for a small business.  As an added bonus for you, many small businesses offer a referral discount.  We personally offer a $25 referral bonus to clients when they refer someone to us.

3.  Engage with a small business’s social media.

Social media companies like Instagram and Facebook are more likely to boost posts that are getting a lot of engagement on them.  Liking, saving, commenting on, and sharing social media posts all help small businesses in the Twin Cities gain visibility, and in turn, more customers.

On this Small Business Saturday, we hope that you choose at least one of these three free ways to support small businesses in the Twin Cities.

If you’d like to support our local small business, you can check out our services and get started with us today!



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