The Best Places to Walk Your Dog in Eden Prairie

Eden Prairie is home to so many beautiful parks, lakes, and nature trails to explore with your dog that it can be hard to choose which one to visit first. 

At Pup Culture, our dog walkers get to know all the best places to walk your dog around the metro. While there are many great options to choose from, these are a few places in Eden Prairie, MN that we think your dog will love.

1) Staring Lake

There’s so much to love about this area in Eden Prairie! A 2.3-mile trail of paved, shady path surrounds the lake, and offers the perfect place for a quiet stroll with your pup, even in winter. 

During April through December, you can also visit the 5.7 acre off-leash dog park that features open, grassy areas as well as wooded trails for a more adventurous walk. 

Key highlights:

  • 5.7 acre off-leash dog park with wooded trails
  • 2.3 miles of paved paths
  • Archery range, disc golf course, ski trail, and more


2) Bryant Lake Regional Park

_Best Places to Walk Your Dog in Eden Prairie

Bryant Lake Regional Park offers 170 acres of gorgeous woodland and nature areas. While not all of the park is dog-friendly, they’re paved trails are perfect for walking your dog, or even skijoring in the winter! 

The park also features a 9.3 acre, fully fenced off-leash play area for dogs, if your pup needs to burn off a bit of extra energy. 

Key highlights:

  • 2 miles of paved trails, including dog sledding and skijoring trails in the winter
  • 9.3 acre fenced off-leash dog park
  • 178 acres of water for fishing, boating, and more


3) Rice Marsh Lake

A 3.4 mile long paved trail loops around Rice Marsh Lake, offering gorgeous views of the marsh while you walk the dog. Half of the trail is located in Eden Prairie, while the other half is in Chanhassen.

While there is some highway noise on the side near 212 (be aware in case your pup doesn’t like car sounds!), the trail still offers a charming, peaceful walk for a nice day outside. 

Key highlights:

  • Connect Eden Prairie to Chanhassen 
  • 3.4 miles of multi-purpose pedestrian trails 
  • Gorgeous views of the forests, meadows, and wetlands of the surrounding area


4) Riley Creek Conservation Area

This beautiful trail takes you through lush, forested areas that will make you forget you’re in a metro suburb. The canopy trail is 3.3 miles and runs along Riley Creek for a scenic route all year round. Dogs must be leashed at all times, but there’s still plenty to explore. 

Key highlights:

  • 3 different loops and a straight section of trails, giving you lots of options
  • Chance to see wildlife
  • Heavily forested for a nature oasis in the city

Places to Walk Your Dog in Eden Prairie

5) Minnesota River Bluffs LRT Regional Trail

The Minnesota River Bluffs LRT Regional Trail is part of a system of interconnected regional trails in the metro area. This section of the trails runs from Hopkins to Chaska, though much of the Hopkins portion has been detoured because of the Southwest LRT project. 

Regardless, it’s a beautiful trail system that’s over 9 miles long. Much of the trail is unpaved, offering gorgeous nature views as it winds through residential areas. The trial also passes by Miller Park, which is another great place to walk your dog. 

Key highlights:

  • Over 9 miles of trail 
  • Begins in Hopkins, MN by the Depot Coffee House (Pending Construction)
  • Ends in Chaska, MN
  • Intersects with many other regional trail systems, including Cedar Lake LRT Regional Trail and Lake Minnetonka Regional Trail 


6) Nesbitt Preserve Park

This quaint neighborhood park is perfect for a quick, easy walk with your pup. There are paved areas and bike paths to walk along, and lots of areas to people watch, including a playground, baseball field, and more. 

In the warmer months (between April and October), there is an off-leash dog exercise area to let your pup run around and socialize with other neighborhood dogs. In the winter, the open field is turned into a hockey rink. 

Key highlights:

  • Off-leash dog park available April-October
  • Bike trails
  • Playground 
  • Family-friendly activities including basketball court, sand volleyball court, and a picnic area


7) Homeward Hills Park

This is another quaint neighborhood park to visit with your dog if you’re looking for an easy walk and lots of people-watching opportunities.

This park also features a large off-leash dog exercise area in the warmer months with plenty of open space for your dog to run. In the winter, this area also becomes a hockey rink, though it’s a bigger space than Nesbitt Preserve Park. 

Key highlights:

  • Bike trail
  • Off-leash dog park available April – October
  • Softball field, Tennis Court, and other activities available


Looking for a Trusted Dog Walker in Eden Prairie?

If you don’t have time to take your dog to these fantastic parks and trails, don’t worry! The trusted dog walkers at Pup Culture would love to help your dog experience more of the fun that Eden Prairie has to offer.

Contact us today at 651-236-7312 to get started!

If you live in Eden Prairie, MN, where are your favorite places to walk your dog? We’re always looking for new, fun spots for our furry clients. 



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