Tips For Owning Environmentally Friendly Dogs and Cats

In honor of Earth Day, let’s take a look at some ways we can keep our pets green.  Unfortunately pets also create a carbon footprint, but we can help to minimize it by following some of these suggestions.

1.  Use biodegradable poop bags.

2.  Spay or neuter your animals to help reduce the pet population.  Bob Barker knew what was up.

3.  Adopt instead of using a breeder.  Recycle a pet!  So many great pets–even purebreds–await your loving in foster homes and shelters.

4.  Keep old boxes around for cats.  I bought Ellie a nice little cat bed when I adopted her.  Not once has she used it.  But give her an old cardboard box, and she hangs out in that thing for days.

5.  Shop for pet supplies locally. Less driving means less waste.

6.  Buy all natural pet food.   

7.  Rotate biodegradable pet toys.  Only keep a couple toys out for your pet at a time.  Most likely he or she will get bored with so many toys, but if you rotate them, it’s like a new toy!

What are some other ways we can help raise environmentally friendly pets?  Please leave a comment.



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