Tips to Get Rid of Hairballs

Never fear, hairball sufferers!  Today we celebrate  Hairball Awareness Day.  No longer will you have to suffer in silence.  Instead, read ahead for some ways to lessen hairballs.

Cats ingest their hair through their normal grooming routines.  Generally this hair passes through their system without a problem.  Sometimes the hair builds up in their stomachs, and cats may cough up a hairball.  To reduce finding these pesky piles of hair and vomit around your house, follow these tips:

1.  Brush your cat regularly to reduce the amount of hair your cat may ingest.

2.  Feed your cat food that is specifically designed to reduce hairballs.  Usually this food is higher in fiber to keep your cat’s system moving smoothly.

3.  Play with your cat.  The added exercise can also keep his system running smoothly.  Playtime can also help cats who groom excessively focus on something else for awhile.

4.  Buy a hairball remedy or lubricant from your local pet store.  Use the remedy as directed.

5.  If your cat is experiencing a loss of appetite or seeming extra lethargic, seek medical advice from your vet.



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