Two Ways You Can Support Small Businesses

In honor of Small Business Saturday, I’d like to share with you two ways you can support small businesses.  I was talking with my mom the other day, and she was telling me how pleased she was with a landscape company she hired.  To show her appreciation, she baked them brownies.  Although baked goods and gifts are a lovely gesture, there are two better (and free!) ways to show your appreciation for small businesses.

1.  Leave a positive review online.  

If you are impressed with a small business’s service, the best way you can show your appreciation is by leaving a positive review online for that business.  There are plenty of places to leave these reviews online.  I’ve listed a few below:


Angie’s List

Google Business Page




The Small Business’s Website

When you visit these pages, you can search the business’s listing.  Sometimes small businesses even have a place to leave a review on their website.  If you know the owner of the small business, you can always email her or him and ask where they would most appreciate a positive review.

Leaving a positive review for a small business tells others who are researching the business that this is a company worth doing business with.  I’ve talked to many clients who checked out our reviews before contacting us.  Your positive review is invaluable to a small business, and it helps them to remain competitive with much larger companies.

2.  Refer your friends and family.

Referring your friends and family to a small business not only helps the small business, it also helps out your friends and family.  Many small businesses offer referral bonuses for both new and existing customers.  Referrals also help small businesses stand out against large companies.  When we work with new clients who were referred to us by existing clients, there is already a built-in trust.  We are able to gain and retain more clients quickly and easily.

Referring your friends and family to small businesses and leaving a positive review are two ways to truly help the small business community.  It is vital to our economy to support small businesses because small businesses provide exemplary customer service, local jobs, and more money stays directly in the community.



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