Why Hire a Pet Sitter?

As I reflect back on the summer and all the animals that I was fortunate to spend some time with, I am reminded of the importance of having a plan in place for your pets when life gets crazy.  A pet sitter should be part of that plan.  You have a vet if your dog is ill, you may have a groomer if your dog needs a haircut, and you should have a pet sitter on hand if you face an emergency.

In June I had a client who initially hired me to cat sit while she went on vacation.  We had a free consultation, I met her cat, she gave me directions and a set of keys.  The following week she called me because her mother was sick and my client was going to have to fly out of the country immediately to be with her mom.  Luckily I had keys and I knew her cat.  I started the cat sitting job immediately.  My client didn’t have to worry about inconveniencing friends, scheduling a consultation, or dropping off keys so I could access her apartment.  She was able to focus on her travel plans and her mom rather than running around making plans for her cat.

This summer another client was pregnant with twins.  I worked with her and her husband to have a plan ready for their dog when she had to go to the hospital.  When the day finally came, all they had to do was send me a quick text and I was able to take care of their dog so they could focus on much more important matters.

Even if you’re not planning a vacation in the near future, it is a good idea to have a pet sitter on hand in case an emergency arises and you can’t rely on family, friends, or your next door neighbor.  A pet sitter will be happy to step in and care for your pets.

To get started, contact a pet sitter today.  Set up a time to meet and you can discuss your pets, instructions for care, and provide your pet sitters with two sets of keys so they can access your house while you are away.  Pup Culture can be reached at 651-236-7312 or by email at pupculturemn@gmail.com  We would love to discuss emergency plans with you, so you can feel prepared should a crisis aris



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